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Mere eating, drinking, hunting, shooting, ignorant, country squire of the old race, which is now nearly extinct; but a cultivated, enlightened, independent English country gentleman the happiest, perhaps, of human beings. On the comparative felicity of the town louboutin sale and country life; on the dignity, utility, elegance, and interesting nature of their different occupations, and general scheme of passing their time, Mr. Berryl and had one evening a playful, entertaining, and, perhaps, instructive conversation; each party, at the end, remaining, as frequently happens, of their own opinion. It was observed, that ably and warmly defended side of the question; and in their views, plans, and estimates of life, there appeared a remarkable and, as thought, a happy coincidence.


When she was at last called upon to give her decisive judgment between a town and a country life, she declared that if she were condemned to the extremes of either, she should prefer a country life, as much as she should prefer louboutin Robinson Crusoe's diary to the journal christian louboutin of the idle man in the Spectator. Lord bless me! do you hear what your daughter is saying? Cried who, from the card table, lent an attentive ear to all that was going forward. Is it possible that Miss Broadhurst, with her fortune, and pretensions, and sense, can really be serious in saying she would be content to live in the country? What's that you say, child, about living in the country?


Said Miss Broadhurst repeated what she had said. Girls always think so who have lived in town, said they are always dreaming of sheep and sheep hooks; but the first winter in the country cures them: a shepherdess in winter is a sad and sorry louboutin sale sort of personage, except at a masquerade. Colambre, said I am sure sentiments about town life, and all that, must delight you For do you know he is always trying to persuade me to give up living in town? Colambre and perfectly agree. Mind your cards, my dear interrupted in pity to your partner. Mr. Pratt has certainly the patience of Job your ladyship has revoked twice this hand. begged a thousand pardons, fixed her eyes, and endeavoured to fix her mind on the cards; but there was something christian louboutin shoes