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Buttons and spoke into it. They didn't even give him a proper lodge to sit in, like a real Oxford college, just a big wooden counter, as if it was a shop. All right, said the porter, turning back. She says go on up. Mind you don't go anywhere else. No, I won't, she said demurely, a christian louboutin good little girl doing what she was told. At the top of the stairs, though, she had a surprise, because just as she passed a door with a symbol indicating woman on it, it opened and there was Dr. Malone silently beckoning her in. She entered, puzzled. This wasn't the laboratory, it was a washroom, and Dr. Malone was agitated. She said, Lyra, there's someone else in the lab police officers or something.


They know you came to see me yesterday I don't know what they're after, but I don't like it. What's going on? How do they know I came to see you? I don't know! They didn't know your name, but I knew who they meant Oh. Well, I can lie to them. That's easy. But what is going on? A woman's christian louboutin sale voice spoke from the corridor outside: Dr. Malone? Have you seen the child? Yes, Dr. Malone called. I was just showing her where the washroom is. There was no need for her to be so anxious, thought Lyra, but perhaps she wasn't louboutin shoes used to danger. The woman in the corridor was young and dressed very smartly, and she tried to smile when Lyra came out, but her eyes remained hard and suspicious. Hello, she said. You're Lyra, are you? Yeah. What's your name? I might as well carry on.


She swung around in her chair and pressed several switches, bringing an electrical hum and the sound of a computer's cooling fan into the air; and at the sound of them, Lyra gave a little muffled gasp. It was because the sound in that room was the same sound she'd heard in that dreadful glittering chamber at Bolvangar, where the silver guillotine had nearly parted her and Pantalaimon. She felt him quiver in her pocket, and gently squeezed him for reassurance. But Dr. Malone hadn't louboutin uk noticed; she was too busy adjusting switches and tapping the letters in another of those ivory trays. As she did, the screen changed color, and some small letters and figures appeared on it. Now you sit down, she said, and pulled out a chair for Lyra. Then she opened a jar and http://www.2christianlouboutinuk.com