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Right to look into my life like that. Don't ever do that again. That's just spying. I know when to stop asking, she said. See, the alethiometer's like a person, almost. I sort of know when it's going to be cross or when there's things it doesn't want me to know. I kind of feel it. But when cheap nike trainers you come out of nowhere yesterday, I had to ask it who you were, or I might not have been safe. I had to. And it said. She lowered her voice even more. It said you was a murderer, and I thought, Good, that's all right, he's someone I can trust. But I didn't ask more than that till just now, and if you don't want me to ask anymore, I promise I won't. This en't like a private peep show.


If I done nothing but spy on people, it'd stop working. I know that as well as I know my own Oxford. You could have asked me instead of that thing. Did it say whether my father was alive or dead? No, because I didn't ask. They were both sitting by this time. Will put his head in his hands with weariness. Well, he said finally, I suppose we'll have to trust each other. That's all right. I trust you. Will nodded grimly. He was so tired, and there was not the slightest nike air max sale possibility of sleep in this world. Lyra wasn't http://www.2nikeairmaxtrainers.com usually so perceptive, but something in his manner made her think: He's afraid, but he's mastering his fear, like Iorek Byrnison said we had to do; like I did by the fish house at the frozen lake. And, Will, she added, I won't give you away, not to anyone. I promise. Good. I done that before. I betrayed someone.


And it was the worst thing I ever did. I thought I was saving his life actually, only I was taking him right to the most dangerous place there could be. I hated myself for that, for being so stupid. So I'll try very hard not to be careless or forget and betray you. He said nothing. He rubbed his eyes and blinked hard to try and wake himself up. We can't go back through the window till much later, he said. We shouldn't have come through in daylight anyway. We can't risk nike air max 90 anyone seeing. And now we've got to hang around for hours. I'm hungry, Lyra said. Then he said, I know! We can go to the cinema! The what? I'll show you. We can get some food there too. There was a cinema near the city center, ten minutes nike air max sale


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