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Jack, half repentantly. I didn't think she'd take it so much in earnest. I must keep dark about that letter. She'd never forgive me if she knew. For some days there was an added gloom on Miss Rachel's countenance, but the wound was not deep; and after a time her disappointment christian louboutin uk ceased to rankle in her too sensitive heart.Seven Years Seven years slipped by unmarked by any important change. The Hardings were still prosperous in an humble way. The cooper had been able to obtain work most of the time, and this, with the annual remittance for little Ida, had enabled the family not only to live in comfort, but even to save up one hundred and fifty dollars a year.


They might even have saved more, living as frugally as they were accustomed to do, but there was one point in which they would none of them consent to be economical. The little Ida must have everything she wanted. Timothy brought home nearly every day some little delicacy for her, which christian louboutin shoes none of the rest thought of sharing. While Mrs. Harding, far enough christian louboutin from vanity, always dressed with extreme plainness, Ida's attire was always of good material and made up tastefully. Sometimes the little girl asked: Mother, why don't you buy yourself some of the pretty things you get for me? Mrs. Harding would answer, smiling: Oh, I'm an old woman, Ida. Plain things are best for me. No, I'm sure you're not old, mother. You don't wear a cap. Aunt Rachel is a good deal older than you. Hush, Ida. Don't let Aunt Rachel hear that.


She wouldn't like it. But she is ever so much older than you, mother, persisted the child. Once Rachel heard a remark of this kind, and perhaps it was that that prejudiced her against Ida. At any rate, she was not one of those who indulged her. Frequently she rebuked her for matters of no louboutin sale importance; but it was so well understood in the cooper's household that this was Aunt Rachel's way, that Ida did not allow it to trouble her, as the lightest reproach from Mrs. Harding would have done. Had Ida been an ordinary child, all this petting would http://www.2christianlouboutinuk.com