Shoots nike air max two hundred

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Blow de cash call. Harvest babies, pick yo cotton! Bam! An I reads fo trey! The Wildcat stowed away a trio of ten-dollar bills as an insurance policy against accident. Shoots fifty dollars! The Spindlin Spider shaved five ten-dollar bills from his roll, Roll em, he said. The Wildcat lifted cheap nike air max his brace of tapered cubes high above his head. Honey-bee babies, git yo stinger hot. Shotgun dice, spout yo lead. Key cubes, unlock de han'cuffs. Bam! Dey reads seven. I lets it lay. Shower down, boy. Fade me. Shoots a hund'ed dollars! You're faded. The Spider had his feet wet, and now he waded deeper into the river of revenge. The Wildcat rolled the dice against his legs.


Squirrel dice, ketch de top limb! Ham cubes, drip yo gravy! Mule bones, resurrection morn. Breakin on de B. & O. Bust an out. Baptisin babies, hold his head under. The gallopers rattled across the pool table and went to sleep with a six-five staring the Spindlin Spider in the face. I lets it lay! Shoots nike air max two hundred dollars. De gin cheap nike air max dice makes de big boy sick. Fade me, ol mule-lip. What fo is yo mouth draggin? A look of doubt began to travel across the Spindlin Spider's features, but the moral pressure of the crowd about him forced him into the slaughter house. He counted two hundred dollars from his roll and laid it beside the Wildcat's stake.


The Wildcat breathed the hot breath of hope upon the twin cubes in his hand. Lady dice, git lovely. Snake babies, coil roun de coin. Grub cubes, semble yo rations! Army gallopers, as you was! Bam! The green clickers subsided near the end cushion of the pool table. A five spot smiled on the top side of one and a helpful dooce laughed cheerfully at the Wildcat from the other. Hot dam! Weddin dice done rung de bell. At's fo hund'ed dollars. Shoots fo hundred! Fade me! You says nike air max 90 yo blood is hot fo action. Fade me! The lower jaw swinging from the Spindlin Spider's face drooped something less than a foot. His expression was suddenly full of quinine. He craved an exit while the exit nike air max trainers